Talking Game is a must-have for keen cooks, guns, and everyone associated with shooting.

Talking Game is dedicated to encouraging all, but especially those within the shooting fraternity, to eat more game in order to assist the continued viability and health of shooting in the UK. Its aim is to enhance the enjoyment of game and the activities and associations that surround it throughout the season and beyond. By doing so, it is essential reading for keen cooks, guns, and all lovers of shooting and game.

One of our key messages has been that game can be enjoyed throughout the year, not just during the season.

To reflect this, we are delighted to announce that for 2021, in addition to the annual flagship Talking Game title published in August each year, we will also be producing four quarterly editions of all-new On a Plate publications. Focusing on a different species for each issue, showcasing features and recipes not in the annual title, these will be available by subscription only. In addition, subscribers will also benefit from exclusive offers from our prestigious brand partners.

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