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Game shooting is part of our national heritage. Talking Game is dedicated to playing its part in ensuring that it not only survives, but thrives. We firmly believe that all shot game should always be eaten and we hope that our pages actively encourage this objective, and that they reflect the many qualities and experiences associated with country pursuits. Above all, we celebrate those who support our aims.


So with colossal thanks to…

Tom Adams, James Amos, Rodd Atkinson, Trevor Bailey, Taran Baker, The Duchess of Beaufort, David Bontoft, Susan Bontoft, Mark Budd, Peter Clay, Sheila de Cordova, Charlie Coups, Hazel Cross, Mark Dawson, Alexander Dick, Charlie Douglas, Mark Duckworth, John Duncan, Alistair Ewing, Erica and Ronald Munro Ferguson, Peter Fiori, Olly Foster, Steven Frampton, Francis Fulford, Kerry Furber, Asa Gibson, Ann Gore, James Gower, Lord & Lady Hamilton, George Hanbury, Sir Max Hastings, Bethany Hawkes, Elisabeth Horcher, Marcus Janssen, Yvonne Jenkins, Patrick Jones, Brian Kingham, Lauren Knight, Beth Landa, Josh Lane, Mike Lane, Mark Lawson, Amy Low, Matt Lyver, Peter Knowles, Charles Lea, Simon Longfellow, Penny McDonald, Tim Maddams, Jenny Martin, Victoria Moat, Tom Godber-Ford Moore, Ross Murray, Marc Newton, Bernard Otulakowski, Gemma Payne, Lord James Percy, Rory Pilkington, Steven Porwol, Tristan Prudden, Scott Rea, Claudia Robinson, Tara Robinson, The Duchess of Rutland, Laura Rutland, Katie Scott, Philip Shaw, William Sitwell, George & Lucilla Stephenson, Robert Sword, Laurie Timpson, Will Tompson, Oliver Tregoning, Freddie Tulloch, George Wallis, Katy Wickings, Lee Wilford, John Wilson, Annette Woolcock, George & Sarah Wynn Darley and D’Arcy & Imogen Wyvill …who have all made the publication of this second edition of Talking Game possible.

Here’s looking at the future.