Talking Game has just one purpose in life: to encourage as many as possible to eat more game.

Game is delicious, nutritious, healthy and abundant. Within these 132 pages we have included recipes from a wide range of chefs, some very well known, others (including the publisher’s mother) less so. We hope that these recipes encourage you to have a go —a few may appear fairly daunting from the technical point of view, but even if you turn down their challenge the vast majority are achievable by even the humblest of home cooks. 

We will be publishing Talking Game annually, and would be grateful for any feedback so we can improve on what we offer our readers. Please do let us know what you think. We’d also love to see any game recipes you think might be suitable for inclusion in the 2019 edition. Finally, we are incredibly grateful to all the shoots who have lent their support to the project, and indeed to our sponsors, JM Finn, Lycetts, EJ Churchill and Ramsbury Gin. Without them, the copy you are holding would never have made it to the printers.