Barbecued venison loin,
celeriac purée, braised carrots, wild berry sauce

Barbecued venison loin, celeriac purée, braised carrots, wild berry sauce

Jaimie Haselock

1 loin of venison
Few sprigs fresh rosemary
Extra virgin olive oil
1 bottle vodka
250g salted butter

1 celeriac, peeled & chopped into cubes
4 medium/large carrots, peeled
500ml good quality chicken stock
200g wild or frozen berries

Serves 4

The day before cooking prepare a marinade with olive oil, salt, pepper, a glug of the vodka and the rosemary. Massage all over the meat, wrap tightly in cling film and leave in the fridge overnight.

The celeriac purée can be made the day or night before. Boil the celeriac in salty water with a knob of butter until soft. Strain off and transfer the celeriac to the processor while still warm. Season well, add another few knobs of butter, and let the butter naturally melt into the celeriac: you can add a little grated nutmeg. Blitz until it becomes silky and smooth.

Unwrap the venison and bring to room temperature. Fire up the barbecue and let the charcoal burn right down until white and glowing: when your hand can comfortably hover 30cm above the grill it’s ready for the venison.

Brown the loin all over, then put the lid on the barbecue for 8 minutes. Repeat this process twice, turning the venison and replacing the lid each time.

Take the venison off the heat and season well, wrap in cling film and tea-towels, and leave to rest for at least 35 minutes.

While the venison is resting bring the carrots to the boil with the chicken stock and plenty of salted butter, then turn the heat right down to a very light simmer.

Place the berries in a pan with half a bottle of vodka. Puncture a small hole in the venison wrap and drain a good couple of spoonfuls of jus into the pan. Reduce down by half, then pass through a sieve. And that’s it: your sauce.

Spoon celeriac purée into the centre of the plate with 3 slices of venison on top. Place a poached carrot to the side, drizzle over the sauce, and garnish with sea salt and sprig of rosemary.