Cornish mackerel, beetroot and horseradish

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Clivedon, Berkshire

2 large mackerel, filleted & v-boned
120ml white wine vinegar
100g thyme
1tbs white peppercorns
1tbs coriander seed 1 bunch golden baby beetroot

1 bunch candy baby beetroot 100g crème fraîche
100g fresh horseradish, very finely grated
1tsp chopped chives
2 limes

Fennel tops

Serves 4

Split the mackerel lengthways, keeping 1 half whole and finely dicing the other half.

Bring the vinegar and 100g of sugar to the boil with a third of the thyme, peppercorns and coriander seeds. Once boiled remove to cool to room temperature, then immerse the whole pieces of mackerel in the liquid for 10-15 minutes.

Cover the beetroots in salted water and cook on a medium heat with the remaining thyme, peppercorn and coriander seeds. Once cooked take off the heat until cool enough to peel. Remove the skins and cut in half. Mix the crème fraiche with some of the horseradish and the chopped chives, seasoned to taste.

Mix the finely diced mackerel with some of the finely grated horseradish and some lime zest and juice, again seasoning to taste.

To finish, dress the beetroots in olive oil and some of the pickled mackerel liquid: check seasoning.

Blow torch the whole piece of mackerel until the outer skin is blackened. Quenelle the mackerel tartare and finish with dots of crème fraiche and picked fennel tops.