The Bloody Mary oysters

The Oyster Slurp!

Jaimie Haselock


Oysters: your call on how many

BM sauce;
juice of 1 lemon
few pinches Cornish sea salt
few pinches cracked black pepper
10 drops Tabasco sauce
1tsp Worcestershire sauce
A droplet of Dorset chilli company ‘melt your effing off’ sauce (I mean a droplet)
1 tsp cocktail sauce
1 glass Big Red tomato juice
1 shot of chilli sherry
2 shots vodka (I like Black Vodka made from cows milk)  


Jaimie Haselock

A fantastic hangover cure, or just for the love of oysters and Bloody Mary. 

Mix the sauce and drizzle over open oysters.

My favourites are the big boys native to my local Lyme Bay coastline.